Single Serving Salad Pizza

Recipe: Single Serving Salad Pizza

Weekday lunches can get a bit repetitive, so here’s a delicious and simple salad pizza to change things up! This salad pizza contains the elements of a classic wrap, but presented in a new and interesting way. In this dish, a fresh salad with a creamy hummus dressing tops a crispy tortilla crust. To make this dish a more filling meal, top with a few cubes of chicken or a handful of chickpeas. The tomatoes in the salad are high in lycopene, an anti-aging antioxidant that may help protect skin from sunburn. And the hummus is rich in iron, an important mineral for healthy hair.




1 medium whole wheat tortilla
2 tablespoons hummus
1 tablespoon lemon juice
Pinch garlic powder
1 cup spring green salad mix
1⁄4 cup grape tomatoes, sliced in half
2 tablespoons shredded carrots
2 tablespoons chopped kalamata olives (about 4 olives)


Toast tortilla at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 4-6 minutes, until crispy and slightly browned. In a large bowl, mix together hummus, lemon juice, and garlic powder. Add a few teaspoons of water to thin if you prefer a thinner dressing. Toss the spring mix, tomatoes, carrots, and olives with the dressing. Place the salad on top of the tortilla and slice into four pieces.

Note: The hummus dressing is a nice creamy, garlicky, lemony dressing that could go well in many other salads as well

Yields: 1 serving

Per serving: 261 calories, 7.34 g protein, 32.46 g carbohydrates, 6.4 g fiber, 2.23 g sugars, 12.54 g fat, 1.51 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 689.44 mg sodium, 102.75 mg calcium, 0 g omega-3 fats, 3458 IU vitamin A, 15.9 mg vitamin C, 0.02 mg vitamin E, 1.97 mg iron, 0.01 mg zinc

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